Hanging By Her Teeth – Bonnie Greer

Humorous, Sexy and always very sharp...refuses any comfortable racial essentialism...achieves what many post-modern cultural theorists attempt but cannot express with anything approaching her eloquence; how borrowed, mutable and fragile our sense of ourselves can be, and she does so entertainingly - TLS
By turns lyrical and painful ...Hanging by Her Teeth is [a] strange and mystical tale
-    New York Times
Always fresh, honest and often very funny – Time Out

Iced – Ray Shell

The book is a powerhouse…the man writes beautifully…the story is heartbreaking…I kept putting it down and picking it up again…the book won’t let me go  - Maya Angelou

‘has the virtues of performance art – its first person narrative is energized by the power of the speaking voice, which expresses itself in a jagged syncopated style, reminiscent of a rap monalogue. The book also has the values of pulp fiction, it’s difficult to put down, even during its most violent moments. Shell understands that an experience so extreme requires it’s own form and fictional devices: he absorbs political rants, paranoid delusions, and reflections on social disorder into Cornelius’ fragmented consciousness and renders with great sympathy  both the mental state of an addict at the pitch of his addiction and the desperation and brutality of a subculture that services such a habit.  – The New Yorker

gripping and horrifying – The Guardian

an unconventional, powerful, funny, important novel… a fully imagined fiction…Shell’s invocation of the thoughts, feelings and ambience of a crack smoker are the best I’ve ever read. Above all, because of Cornelius’ original and authentic voice, as well as the book’s postmodern presentation, it should reach a new readership – Times Literary Supplement

Shell’s writing is frighteningly compelling… compulsive reading – LA Times

A quite extraordinarily powerful, hairy and grim diary… Watch it. – The Bookseller

resonates with authentic and chilling power. Ray Shell writes with great style, by word of mouth alone this will be a bestseller – The Punter

tremendous talent – Alarm

This is a tour de force, make no mistake about it… The strength of Shell’s writing is his ability to pull you into a terrifying, funny, immensely sad and exciting world - The Voice 

It hooks you… this is one of those books you can’t put down – Touch

Extraordinary – a modern American tragedy, sharply told. Brilliant. – Lenny Henry

This novel demands superlatives: it is powerful, haunting, devastating and brilliant – Sydney Telegraph

 Shell writes with a haunting lyricism that mesmerizes – a kind of poetry of the streets. Full of authenticity and interspersed with humor, this is a classic – Orange County Register

Filled with brilliant and harrowing stream of consciousness… Iced is highly reminiscent of William Burroughs’ Junkie, as powerful as Nelson Algren’s Man With The Golden Arm, and deserving of shelf space next to Richard Price’s extraordinary Clockers – New York
Daily News

Powerful and poetic – San Francisco Chronicle

A Son Called Gabriel – Damien Nicholl

Comic, courageous and often painful, this is a beautifully paced and balanced novel that will have an assured place in contemporary Irish writing - Seamus Deane

Fire Horses – Mark Liam Piggot

Like riding pillion on a motorbike driven by a poet – Jonathan Trigell

Passionate, powerful and poetic- a fine debut from an original talent – John King

Silence – Josie Henley Einion

Bang on the button… this challenges and confronts and asks questions of you as well as of the issues it tackles – Metro

Barber’s Apple – Michael Marr

 an extraordinary talent, perhaps a Waugh in the making – his fiction is at once hilarious, bloody-minded, and heartbreaking. - Richard Greene

Marr’s wit, crazy intelligence and daring suggest a career ripe with promise
-    Independent on Sunday

astute, fun and energetic - Fay Weldon

The Snowing and Greening of Thomas Passmore - Paul Burman

An inventive, passionate and insightful writer – The Independent

The Well –Tempered Clavier – Willliam Coles

What a read! Every schoolboy’s dream comes true in this deftly written treatment of illicit romance. A triumph – Alexander McCall Smith

Heading South – Luke Bitmead & Catherine Richards

Great stuff. Wonderfully witty and sexy – Deborah Wright

Queer Fish In God’s Waiting Room – Lee Henshaw

Distinctive and engaging – The Guardian

Like a stoned new Kerouac… simply brilliant – Dom Joly

In The Footsteps Of Harrison Dextrose – Nick Griffiths

Charming – The Guradian 

The book Nick Hornby would have written if he’s spent his life obsessing about Dr. Who rather than footie’ – Mail On Sunday

conjures up just how mind-blowing it was for an ordinary suburban kid to be transported to a realm of danger and rampant sci-fi imaginings – Financial Times

Earth Inc. – Michael Bollen

A funny, charming, inventive comic novel. Michael Bollen’s warmth, sharp wit and eye for satirical detail reminded me of Douglas Adams. Quite possibly the best work of fiction since the Bible – Stephen Merchant from The Office 

Black President – Rick Schmidt

This book changed my life – Vin Diesel

Salt & Honey – Candi Miller

An evocative and intriguing read – Heat Magazine, Top 10

Journey – Jae Watson

Ambitious and bold…a book that ventures of the beaten track in more ways than one… intoxicating evocation of the traveller’s colourful world – Roundtable Review

Vibrant and colourful with a rich vein of insights, wit and wisdom – Geoff Mather

The Angel Makers – Jessica Gregson

Lyrical, moving and disturbing, this is a gripping read – The Gloss Magazine 

Too Little Too Late – Colin Challen

An expert – Gordon Brown